Ummersive: Hypatia Listens

Now that Hypatia is live, Ummersive is excited to see the team starting to collect feedback from explorers and move this into actionable items to make their virtual world even better.

As you can see in this update from TimefireVR’s Hypatia, explorers will soon be able to access an area of Hypatia (Centrum) for free with the option of exploring deeper for a one time purchase, inviting future explorers the opportunity to engage in a world rich in interactive experiences before spending a penny.

Other areas soon to arrive are an interactive map in Hypatia, the ability to invite friends to teleport into your position,  the ability to save virtual canvases and stills from virtual cameras to your “My Pictures” directory, better ways to store inventory items and rewards, and a slew of new avatar creation options.

Hypatia has been live for only a little over a week and the team is already aggressively soliciting feedback from explorers to improve the experience for their users. A commitment to building a virtual world to reflect the interests of the community they are building. Hypatia listens.

Click here for Hypatia on Steam (HTC Vive or Ocululs Rift required)

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